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Romain Lestage

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Industrial organization, applied microeconomics, digital economics, innovation, regulation, urban economics.


Since September 2013: Assistant professor, Central University of Finance and Economics (Beijing, China), School of Management Science and Engineering.


February 2012 – July 2013: Postdoctoral researcher, Telecom ParisTech (Paris, France), Economics and Social Sciences Department.

March 2011 – February 2012: Postdoctoral researcher, Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea), Technology Management Economics and Policy Program.


Ph.D. in Economics, Paris 13 University, January 2011.

Research funded by France Telecom Group.

Title: Liberalization, investment and innovation: The case of telecommunications.

Advisors: David Flacher (professor at Paris 13 University), Jean-Hervé Lorenzi (professor at Paris-Dauphine University).

Referees: Cristiano Antonelli (professor at the University of Turin), Marc Bourreau (professor at Telecom ParisTech), Nicolas Curien (professor at CNAM and ARCEP College member), Benjamin Coriat (professor at Paris 13 University) and Didier Lombard (president of France Telecom Group).


Papers in international refereed journals

Input prices and product differentiation.B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, forthcoming, 2016.

E-commerce and the market structure of the recorded music industry, with M. Bourreau and F. Moreau.Applied Economics Letters, forthcoming, 2016.

Level of access and infrastructure investment in network industries, with M. Bourreau and P. Doğan.Journal of Regulatory Economics, 46(3):237-260, December 2014.

Infrastructure investment and optimal access regulation in the different stages of broadband market liberalization”, with D. Flacher.Telecommunications Policy, 38(7):569-576, August 2014.

Competition and investment in telecommunications: Does competition have the same impact on investment by private and state-owned firms?, with D. Flacher, J. Kim, and Y. Kim.Information Economics and Policy, 25(1):41-50, March 2013.

Access regulation and infrastructure investment in the mobile telecommunications industry, with J. Kim, Y. Kim, N. Gaston, D. Flacher, and Y. Kim.Telecommunications Policy, 35(11):907-919, December 2011.

Papers in French refereed journals

Niveau d’accès et investissement dans les réseaux de telecommunications, with M. Bourreau and P. Doğan.Revue Economique, 67 :141-152, 2016.

The Deployment of Very High-Speed Broadband Networks: Regulations and Geographical Inequalities, with D. Flacher.Revue d’Econonie Industrielle, 127:15-45, September 2009.

Chapters in books

Le déploiement de la fibre, in M. Bourreau (ed),Régulation des communications électroniques, chapter 13. Lavoisier, Paris, 2016.

Les politiques de libéralisation et l’innovation : le cas du secteur des télécommunications, with D. Flacher, in Jean-Hervé Lorenzi and Alain Villemeur (eds),L’innovation au cœur de la nouvelle croissance, pp.263-297.Economica, Paris, 2009.

Presentations in international conferences

Singapore Economic Review,Singapore Economic Review Conference 2015 (August 2015), Asia-Pacific Education & Research Association,3rd International Conference on Social Sciences and Business (June 2014).Society of Interdisciplinary Business Research,Conference on Interdisciplinary Business & Economics Research (June 2014).European University Institute,Florence School of Regulation, Scientific Seminar on the Economics and Policy of Communications and Media (March 2014); Workshop on Performance in Network Industries (October 2011).The Industrial Organization Society, 11th Annual Conference (May 2013).European Association for Research in Industrial Economics, 36th, 37th, and 40th annual conferences (September 2009, 2010 and 2013).International Telecommunications Society, 19th European regional conference (September 2008), 17th Biennial conference (June 2008).






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