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 大数据与管理科学系列讲座(八)——How a Competing Environment Influences Newsvendor Ordering Decisions

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演讲人:赵英帅,现任德国科隆大学助理教授,博士生导师,研究兴趣包括供应链管理决策、供应链合同权属分配、行为实验研究等。发表高水平论文多篇,发表期刊包括International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research 和Journal of the Operational Research Society。赵英帅博士在清华大学工业工程系获得博士学位,期间曾在英国剑桥大学Judge Business School交流学习,负责主研供应链行为研究的项目。

Abstract: We conduct an experimental study on the decision biases in a scenario in which two newsvendors compete for a common market. If stock out occurs at one newsvendor, the unsatisfied demand is reallocated to the competitor. Following the existing theory, an experiment of competing games with high and low profit settings is conducted with a control experiment of a standard newsvendor scenario for reference. The results indicate that compared with the single scenario, a competing environment can cause participants to significantly increase their ordering levels in the high profit group and increase their ordering oscillations in the low profit group. In addition, we propose a behavioral model by combining the logit choice rule and mental accounting. The model fits the experimental data satisfactorily, and the estimation of the parameters indicates that the participants in the high profit group tend to ignore distractions from competitors, while the participants in the low profit group are highly influenced by their competitors. Observations from this study suggest that managers should pay careful attention to different profit-margin products in a competing environment.


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