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讲座 | 大数据与管理科学系列讲座(第6期)


讲座题目:Earning More by Selling Less in the SharingEconomy: The Secret of Provider Experience

报告人:林志杰 博士


林志杰,清华大学经济管理学院副教授、中国信息经济学会理事会常务理事、中国信息经济学会青工委主任、中国信息经济学乌家培奖获得者、国家优秀青年科学基金获得家优秀青年科学基获得者。在加入清华大学经济管理学院前,他在南京大学商学院任职副教授,并入选南京大学“登峰人才支持计划”。他从新加坡国立大学获得信息系统专业博士学位,研究兴趣包括信息系统经济学、共享经济、电子商务、社交媒体等,研究论文发表于MISQuarterlyInformationSystemsResearchJournalof MarketingJournal of ManagementInformation SystemsJournal of theAssociation for Information SystemsResearch Policy等。他获得了清华大学经济管理学院的2019年度科研工作先进奖、南京大学商学院的2015年院长特别奖、2017年本科教学奖,《南大商学评论》第三届年度优秀论文,以及中国信息经济学会所颁发的中国信息经济学2011-2015青年创新奖、2016青年创新奖、2017青年创新奖、2018乌家培奖、2019优秀成果奖。


The sharing economy, enabled by digital platforms which connectproviders and consumers for peer-to-peer exchanges, has experienced rapidgrowth in recent years. Although researchers have attempted to explore thesocietal or business impact of the sharing economy market, little is knownabout how individual providers operate their business. In this study, we areinterested in the relationship between experience and sales performance ofproviders. Leveraging a rich and proprietary dataset from a large sharingeconomy platform which facilitates the exchanges of home-cooked meals in China,and employing multiple identification strategies and estimation methods, wefind that a provider’s sales order first increases with her experience but thendecreases instead. However, her sales revenue keeps increasing with experience.Our further investigation shows that this is because experienced providers areseeking higher order value via order selection, which allows them to earn morerevenue by selling less. Lastly, we also find that an experienced provider willadopt strategies of improving product quality, offering more promotion,increasing product variety, and differentiating products from competitors.Through these strategies, a provider could attract more orders and then choosethose with higher value. Our study serves as the first attempt to empiricallyunderstand providers’ market behavior in the sharing economy, and offersimportant practical implications.



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