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讲座 | 大数据与管理科学系列讲座(第5期)


讲座题目:How Mega is the Mega? Measuringthe Spillover Effects of WeChat Using Graphic Model






WeChat, an instant messaging app, is considered a mega appdue to its dominance in terms of use among Chinese smartphone users. Little isknown, however, about its externality in the broader app market. This workestimates the spillover effects of WeChat on the other Top-50 most frequentlyused apps in China, using users’ weekly app usage data. Given the challenge ofdetermining causal inference from observational data, we apply a graphicalmodel and an econometric method to estimate the spillover effects in two steps:(1) we determine the causal structure by estimating a partially ancestraldiagram, using a Fast Causal Inference (FCI) algorithm; and (2) given thecausal structure, we find a valid adjustment set and estimate the causaleffects by an econometric model with the adjustment set for controllingnon-causal effects. Our findings show that the spillover effects of WeChat arelimited; in fact, only two other apps, Tencent News and Taobao, receivepositive spillover effects from WeChat. The findings generate managerialimplications in terms of app usage patterns, strategic management of mega appson an app platform, and app promotional strategies for app platform managersand app developers.



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