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Ph.D., University of Florida

Ph.D., Harbin Institute of Technology



Central University of Finance and Economics

Shahe Higher Education Park, Beijing, China 102206

Office: Bldg. 4, Rm. 304

Email: yuan.chang@cufe.edu.cn



Life-cycle assessment; Green building and infrastructure systems; Sustainable engineering modeling; Project sustainability management



Professor, CUFE, 2020-present

Assistant/Associate professor, CUFE, 2014-2020

Postdoctoral research fellow, Northwestern University, 2012-2014

Research assistant, University of Florida, 2008-2012



- Undergraduate

Introduction to Construction Engineering

Introduction to Sustainable Construction

Green Building Construction and Management

Construction Project Risk Management


- Graduate

High-performance Green Building Delivery Systems

Sustainable Built Environment Decision-making Method



- Academic Journal Articles (*corresponding author)

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- Book Chapter

Chang, Y., Wei, Y.Y. (2020). The Utilization of Renewable Energy for Low-Carbon Buildings, In Ren, J.Z. (ed.), Renewable-Energy-Driven Future: Technologies, Applications, Sustainability, and Policies, Elsevier. ISBN: 9780128205396



- Associate Editor, Journal of Environmental Management (Elsevier)

- Editorial Board Member, Environmental Challenges (Elsevier); Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability (IOP Publishing)

- Reviewer, Applied Energy; Applied Geography; Building and Environment; Carbon Management; Climate Policy; Emerging Markets Finance and Trade; Ecological Indicators; Energy; Energy and Buildings; Energy Efficiency; Energy Policy; Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management; Environmental Impact Assessment Review; Environmental Science & Technology; Frontiers in Environmental Science; Global Ecology and Conservation; Growth and Change: A Journal of Urban and Regional Policy; Journal of Cleaner Production; Journal of Environmental Management; Journal of Industrial Ecology; Journal of Management Science and Engineering; Natural Resources Forum (NRF): A United Nations Sustainable Development Journal; Nature Sustainability; npj Urban Sustainability; One Earth; Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews; Resources, Conservation and Recycling; Science of the Total Environment; SN Applied Sciences; Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment; Utilities Policy; Water Research; 2010 ASCE Construction Research Congress