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Field Trip to Exhibition of “China’s Great Achievements in the Past Five Years”

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Appealing to the call of the Central Committee and the Party Committee of CUFE to celebrate the successful holding of the 19th National Congress of CPC, the Party branch of MS&E 2017 graduates led over 30 members to Beijing Exhibition Hall, where they visited the exhibition of “China’s great achievements in the past five years” jointly held by the Party Central Propaganda Department, National Development and Reform Commission, Political Work Department of Central Military Commission, and the City Committee of Beijing of CPC.

The exhibition displays the achievements in areas like economics, politics, culture, ecology, society, diplomacy, and national defense that China has made under the joint efforts of the people of different ethnical groups and the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping. In the magnificent exhibition hall, there are display areas with outstanding themes and interactive properties, as well as various exhibits. As Jiaolong Submersible, Fuxing Hao and the Long March 7 entered their sight, the students, who took up their cameras, were marveled by the exhibits.

      Deputy Secretary Qiu Jianyang was amazed by the voicemail, commenting: “I want to ‘like’ China!” Xu Xiao, Commissary in charge of propaganda said: “I went to Shanghai during the National Day. It only took four and a half hours by the bullet train and it’s comfortable. It felt like a dream to me.” Some other students were attentively observing the analogy monitoring system of Smart City, which was related to their recent projects as they said.

After the tour, the students not only loved the Party and the nation more, but also affirmed an optimistic attitude towards the future. It is everyone’s wish that we all can contribute to the more glorious coming five years.