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MS&E Holds Mental Health Lecture for 2017 Freshmen

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     Imagine you were new to the university: when you first stepped into the university, you must feel as overwhelmed as much expectation you carried. In order to help the new students keep mentally healthy, Associate Professor Yuan Yuan of School of Sociology and Psychology delivered a lecture on mental health at the invitation of MS&E on the afternoon of 20 September.  


     A brief introduction by Professor Yuan had already lifted the audience’s attention. “How to appreciate a mis-painted picture is of relevance to the way one behaves.” --- The following little quiz even activated them. In Yuan’s view, mental status of the students can be summarized in the following categories: students who study for further study abroad, who study for examinations, who value only social interactions, who see only young love, who balance between study and relationship and who ignore the long-term planning. By categorizing and case analysis, Yuan gave the students a deeper view of mental health and emotion management. In the end, she talked about how to identify mental diseases and how to set positive goals in life.  


     With each walking out of the door, happy or still lost, reflecting or comparing, they had a better understanding of themselves and learned how to protect and take care of themselves.  


     The issue of mental health of university students has caused attention from the society, families and universities in recent years. Applying various approaches, MS&E hopes the students could have an objective and correct understanding towards it and hence develop healthily.