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MS&E Holds 2017 Graduate Opening Ceremony and Dean Lecture

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MS&E 2017 graduate opening ceremony and the Dean’s lecture on study were held in Room 110, Main Building, CUFE Shahe Campus on 21 September, 2017. Attended include Dean of MS&E Professor Li Wenbin, Associate Dean Professor Liu Zhidong, Director of Department of Management Science Professor Li Aihua, Director of Department of Project Management Professor Song Yanqiu, teacher representative Wang Tao, graduate tutor Wei Piaopiao and all 2017 graduates. Associate Dean Professor Liu Zhidong was the host of the ceremony.


As the first to address, Professor Li Wenbin extended warm congratulations to the 2017 freshmen. He then introduced basic information about MS&E in detail including the development history, faculty competence, major construction, talent training and academic research. He especially mentioned Li Kaifu and Vince Lombardi as outstanding models in his lecture on study raising three suggestions for the freshmen (as shown below). Finally, he wished them could experience the pleasure in study and research and enjoy the lifetime as a graduate.


l  Value time, set up goals and have plans


l  Lay a solid foundation of knowledge, carry out researches steadily


l  Have the habit of critical and creative thinking


Professor Wang Tao talked about his research experience with the Meaning and Approach of Scientific Research as the topic. He firstly asked the students why they would pursue a master’s degree, and then analyzed fundamental competences that is required of graduates from three aspects in career. Additionally, he identified the differences between undergraduates’ study and graduates’ in terms of ability training, thinking mode and comprehensive attainment. Lastly, he advised students should actively seek research topics, take the initiative to supplement what they lack in theory, knowledge, approaches and tools, get along with surrounding people, have deep understanding of one’s own field to the perfection and prepare to explore and innovate as a true researcher.


Qin Jiajun, the freshman representative expressed her gratitude to MS&E teachers and showed her expectation towards new journey of study and life as a graduate. She said, her classmates and she should keep devoted, determined and responsible, practice the principle of thinking in learning, perceiving in thinking, acting in perceiving and achieving in acting, as well as passing on CUFE spirit of shouldering responsibility and advancing fearlessly.


As the current student representative, 2016 graduate Qi Yan addressed the audience. Setting herself as an example, she encouraged her fellow students to schedule appropriately, balance between study and other aspects of life, and live up to the valuable next two years. “Ask questions, think more and know more. Make full use of opportunities provided by MS&E and the university. Develop interests and hobbies. Be both the Hedgehog and the Fox.”


In the end, Professor Liu Zhidong had a summary speech. He thanked the previous addressers hoping this experience shared could be helpful to the freshmen. He himself reminded them of paying attention to the new graduate training scheme, scheduling time properly and live a new life with passion, rigor and down-to-earth effort.