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MS&E Holds 2017 Summer Camp for Outstanding Undergraduates

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2017 MS&E summer camp for outstanding undergraduates from all over the country was held in CUFE Shahe Campus from 21 August 2017 to 24 August. MS&E received a total of 264 applications from 91 universities. 41 students passed the screening and became the campers. During the four days, the 41 campers attended two high-end academic lectures. By passing examinations including written test, major interview, English test and interview for all-round quality, they completed the assessment of the summer camp.  


On 21 August, campers from around the country signed in in Room 318, Building 4 Shahe Campus. With MS&E volunteers guiding them sign in and accommodate, the campers adapted to the new environment in a short time and showed their expectation towards the following days.  


On the morning of 22 August, the open ceremony of the summer camp was held in Report Hall 115, Building 7. Attended included Party Secretary of MS&E Jiang Tao, Deputy Party Secretary Jia Chuanliang, Associate Dean Professor Chen Junhua, Dean Assistants Gao Boyang and Wang Hao, Director of Department of Investment Professor Song Bin, Director of Department of Urban and Real Estate Management Professor Wang Zhifeng, Director of Department of Management Science Professor Li Aihua, Director of Department of Project Management Professor Song Yanqiu, teacher representative Wang Tao and graduate tutor Wei Piaopiao. Professor Liu Zhidong hosted the ceremony.  


Before the ceremony, the PowerPoint slides prepared by MS&E was played which introduced the developments, faculty competence and curriculum design of the School. At the beginning of the ceremony, Mrs. Jiang Tao welcomed the camper comparing the gathering to If You are the One (a Chinese reality show). That is, in the short four days, the School and the campers learn more about each other. They make final bilateral choices voluntarily. Besides, she simply introduced the development status and subject advantages of CUFE and MS&E, and explained the schedule of the following three camp days and admission. Lastly, she extended her wish that everyone could enjoy the assessment through fierce competition and get a satisfactory result.  


As the camper representative, CUFE student Teng Jianjian addressed the audience. She first expressed her thanks to MS&E for providing the opportunity for the campers to communicate and learn from each other. As a current CUFEr, she talked also about her experience during her undergraduate study. In her words, MS&E is tender but strong where teachers deliver lectures systematically focusing on students’ creativity and integral abilities and curriculum design is comprehensive and of characters. To end her speech, she hoped she could harvest in this camp.  


After the ceremony, two excellent academic lectures were held. The first one is presented by Associate Professor Wang Tao, the prolific scholar who has published a number of articles on international prestigious academic journals in recent years. The topic is the Meaning and Approach of Scientific Research --- Taking Sustainable Urban Development and Construction as an Example. Starting with the question “Why go to the camp?”, he talked about the meaning of pursuing a master’s degree and identified in-depth the differences between undergraduates and graduates in terms of ability training, thinking mode and comprehensive attainment. Later he stated that MS&E majors were designed to combine natural science and social science which meant the students were required of multiple knowledge learning ability and therefore they would be qualified with more comprehensive knowledge system after graduation. As the academician of Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, doctoral supervisor and Director of B&R Research Center, Professor Liu Weidong, who won The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and attended 2017 B&R Forum for International Cooperation, delivered the second lecture. The topic is B&R and Inclusive Globalization. He started from the origin and development of B&R illustrating what we had achieved in the past four years and what problems still remained. “China is to lead an inclusive globalization from China’s initiative to global agreement and from conception to reality. The Silk Spirit proposed by President Xi is to spread all over the world to accelerate the reform of global mechanism and achieve common development.” The lecture is a combination of theory and practice enabling the campers to learn a lot.  


On the afternoon of 22 August, teachers from respective departments had in-depth exchanges with the campers talking about the departments’ development, faculties and careers after graduation. Later, the School held two tests assessing mathematics and major knowledge.  


Major interview, English test and interview for all-round quality were held on the morning of 23 and 24. Major interview aimed to assess the mastery and research potential of the campers requiring them to have presentations based on their camp paper and answer questions. English rest focus mainly on listening and speaking. While applying group interview, the interview for all-round quality tested the campers’ knowledge mastering skills, logical thinking ability, interests, psychological quality and ideology status. The campers showed their true selves on the stage and left great impression on the teachers and displaying excellent spiritual outlook of contemporary college students.  


The closing ceremony was held in Report Hall 115, Building 7 on the afternoon of 24 August.  


Professor Liu Zhidong addressed the ceremony. He first expressed thanks to the campers choosing MS&E and spoke highly of the campers’ performance during the camp. “The summer camp created a platform for the School and students to exchange and better mutual understanding.” He concluded the meaning in choosing MS&E in three aspects.  


l  Geographical Advantage: Choosing MS&E is choosing Beijing, the capital of politics, culture and economics, where opportunities would be of help to better personal development.  


l  University Advantage: Choosing MS&E is choosing CUFE, the international university with its own characteristics, multiple subjects, great campus environment and prestigious faculty.  


l  Subject Advantage: Choosing MS&E is choosing a broader future. MS&E provides economics and management both of which are in the top of CUFE subject list and share complementarity. In addition, research and faculty of MS&E are in the top, too.  


In the end, Professor Liu sincerely sent his blessing and gratitude to the campers and hoped the program a great success.