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讲座 | 建设经济与管理系列讲座(第138期)

发布时间:2024-06-19来源: 浏览次数:

讲座题目:Digital transformation: Is it opportunity or challenge to today’s construction recession?建筑业的数字化转型:应对当下困难的济世良方还是可以舍弃的粉饰橱窗?

主讲嘉宾:香港大学 吕伟生教授





The construction industry around the world is suffering a conspicuous recession, evidenced by limited construction expenditure, solvency of construction companies, and so on. On the other hand, the recession also provides an opportunity for construction stakeholders to tap into Industry 4.0 technologies. They started from the adoption of some digital technologies and gradually move to digital transformation, with a view to developing ‘new quality productive forces’. In this talk, Prof. Lu will share some of the experiences of construction digital transformation in Hong Kong and elsewhere. On top of that, he will also explore the prospects and challenges of this construction digital transformation journey, particularly amidst the highly violate global construction market.


Prof. Wilson Lu is Chair Professor (digital construction) and Head of Department of Real Estate and Construction, Faculty of Architecture (FoA), at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). With a background in Computer Science and Construction Economics, he leads groundbreaking research programs valued at over HK$60 million. Recognized internationally, his expertise spans Construction Informatics, particularly in Building Information Modelling (BIM), blockchain, and smart construction, as well as Construction Waste Management.

Apart from directing the iLab@hku, a pioneering urban big data lab focusing on digital transformation in construction, Lu has authored numerous publications and received prestigious awards for his research contributions. He is renowned for his outstanding Google Citation count exceeding 16,000 and an H-index of over 70. Committed to advancing the field and nurturing future leaders, he spearheads innovative initiatives while serving key roles within the academic community, such as Associate Dean (Research) of FoA and past President of the Chinese Research Institute of Construction Management (CRIOCM).