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讲座 | 创新创业实验项目系列讲座(第二期)

发布时间:2022-11-18来源: 浏览次数:


主讲嘉宾:Bruno MARTINAUD


讲座地点:Zoom,会议号856 8692 9779

讲座摘要:What I wish I knew before starting my first venture:

The life cycle of an early-stage start-up venture

The 3 job during the early days

The role of luck in this phase…


Bruno MARTINAUD, serial entrepreneur, teaches innovation and entrepreneurship at the Polytechnique School of Engineering in Paris, where he is heading the Technology Venture Master Program. He created in 2011 the foundation, Innover entreprendre, which organizes entrepreneurial events and publishes a library of copyright free teaching contents on innovation and entrepreneurship.

He is also a mentor for“early stage”startups and develops consulting activities for corporation or stage organization in their international business development activities. He published a book in 2012“Startup, antibibleàl’usage des fous et des futures entrepreneurs»(startup, the antibible for the fool and the entrepreneur”)